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Why Choose Us?

Experience and Knowledge - We employ I-Car and ASE-certified technicians for all areas of work performed, while utilizing vehicle manufacturers repair procedures. Our staff posses several years of experience in the auto body repair industry. We take pride in being able to pin-point problems quickly so we can get you back on the road faster.


What Makes Us the Clear Choice?

We are a results driven company, meaning that we know the power of referrals so we strive to provide an unexpected level of satisfaction, so that you will feel comfortable referring your family and friends to us.

Why Look Anywhere Else?

Our service rates are very competitive and we work on both foreign and domestic vehicles. We have the experience and know how to get the job done right the first time. Our location is very convenient and easy to find. Be sure to contact us today and find out why so many people have chosen us for all their automotive service needs.


What is Car Insurance Steering?

Most motorists know to contact their insurance provider in the immediate aftermath of an auto collision. You have to be careful, though, of an unethical practice known as “steering.” Here’s some helpful info about car insurance steering and how to avoid being tricked into settling for subpar collision repairs.

“Steering” occurs when the insurance provider instructs the policy holder or claimant to have their car repaired at a specific auto shop. The company does this because a specific shop has lower fees, thus reducing costs to the insurance provider. The practice raises the insurance company’s profit at the policy holder’s expense

Car insurance steering is illegal under the 1963 Federal Consent Decree Act, though the practice is still rampant in the industry.

Why Is Steering Bad?

Cheaper repair costs often mean your car gets inferior aftermarket parts. Insurance companies may have agreements with collision shops, with the latter agreeing to reduced parts and labor costs. Since they are working for lower payments, technicians may skip procedures and take shortcuts.

Scare Tactics

Insurance companies may try to persuade you to go to a specific shop. They may employ scare tactics by telling you that the warranty is void if you don’t use a particular repair center. Similarly, they may tell you that you may be responsible for additional costs by going to a different shop.

Understand this: under US law, policy holders have the right to bring their vehicle to an auto shop of their choosing. Your insurance provider may give you recommendations but cannot require a specific place.

Don’t Fall for the Lies



1. What is the first thing to do after my vehicle has met an accident?
First step: Report your vehicle's accident to your insurance company and get a claim.

Second step: Call Reutimann Collision to have your vehicle towed to our facility along with the claim # so we can start communicating with the insurance company and provide quality vehicle restoration services as fast as possible.  

2. Can you match my vehicle paint color?
The countless distinctions in paint colors make it a complicated task to match up accurately with the original color. This can perfectly be done up at our professional shop where all our technicians are certified and trained by expert paint makers. We have made a major investment in the best computerized paint mixing system available and are continuously improving our database and equipments to guarantee that each vehicle we paint resembles the factory's original color.

3. How long will auto body repair take?
We understand the importance of returning your vehicle to you. It is very difficult to be without your vehicle, but we try hard to make it as simple as possible. The duration of time is dependent factors like the level of the damage, availability of parts, and your insurance adjuster's timeliness. However, we strive to keep your auto body repair time as short as possible. Our advisor can give you an estimate of the time it will take to complete your vehicle repairs.

4. Can Reutimann Collision Repair repair any kind of car?
Yes,our technicians are I-CAR Gold and ASE certified also intimately familiar with all foreign and domestic cars. That means our shop is for all imported cars and you need not find a different shop for a particular brand.

5. Will Reutimann Collision Repair work with my Insurance Company?
Yes. Reutimann Collision Repair works with all insurance companies and honestly handles all the paperwork with them, provided we have the claim #.

6. Do you offer a guarantee or warranty?
At Reutimann Collision Repair we put customer's satisfaction above all. We offer a full lifetime warranty on paint and labor. We take liability of what we do and give it in writing.

7. Will my car look as good as it was prior to loss?
There is no reason why your car shouldn't be as good as it was prior to the loss. Because all of our technicians are skilled in the latest collision repair techniques utilizing the vehicle manufacture procedures and make use of modern approved tools to assure that your car is restored back to its original condition before the loss. Reutimann Collision Repair is a proud shop to be working for the auto body industry delivering high quality repairs.

8. Do you provide estimate and how long will it take?
Yes. We provide computer estimate of cost required to repair your vehicle. Our technicians carefully examine your vehicle issues to provide accurate estimates but in case of fully damaged vehicle it becomes slight difficult and time consuming job to find the total estimate because we have to check each part cautiously.